About Me

I am Nima Barzegar Mollaei, I was born in 1992 in Tehran, Iran. now i’m PhD student of Artificial intelligence and i have 6 years of experience as CTO in many different Startups. I’m interested in doing research and studing different topics of computer sciences like machine learning, cognitive science, computer vision, intelligent robots and digital sound processing, pilotage is my other interest so i decided to study PPL, and work on making UAV model planes in my free times. I’ve always worked so hard to make my dreams come true, Even though i had lots of failures in my career and educational life but I never gave up and i look at my past as a precious experience. i have a curios entrepreneurial spirit so, as a hobby, i consult high-tech bigdata, CRM, fintech, advertising startups to develop faster. I’m a big fan of team working and in my opinion no success would become so big as an individual. I think It’s so easy becoming memorable; if you do your job with love and in its right way, you’ll always remain in minds.

Email : nima[at]barzegar[dot]eu